A Wasteful Individual



A few days ago a gentleman entered a Liverpool telegraph office, and taking some forms down, filled them up as fast as he could. Having used all he had he asked for more, and did likewise till those were used up. From the number he had filled up and from his asking for more, and more, and yet more, the clerks naturally concluded that he was going to give them a wholesale order for stamps, and monopolise the wires for an hour or two. At length this man of energy rose with the bundle in his hands, and approaching the clerk asked him for a sixpenny stamp. The clerk wanted to know what all the others were. He replied that he had only used them to fix in the wording of the message he had to send. Thereupon the clerk took the pile and counted, only to find that this individual had wasted 146 forms in trying to word a message within the prescribed value of 6d. Thereupon the clerk demanded his name and address, and stated that the Postmaster General should be informed of this wilful waste. After communicating with St. Martin’s-le-Grand, and search being made for the individual, he had “gone—no address.” This is probably the largest number of forms ever used to write a message of twelve words.

The Dundee Courier and Argus, Wednesday 23 August 1893


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