An Escaped Baboon

The unique collection of monkeys recently exhibited at the Alexandra Palace was transferred to the People’s Palace, Mile-end, where a singular scene has just been witnessed. Not liking the continued confinement, three baboons broke out of their cage. After a chase of a considerable distance, two of the monkeys were captured; the third, a female baboon, of ferocious appearance, escaped into the grounds of the Jewish cemetery that lies immediately adjacent to the workhouse. Over the wall the pursuers clambered too in hot haste, and ran after the fleeing baboon as she sped, terrified, across the flat tombstones. At the other end of the cemetery she cleared another wall, and running along the backs of the houses, got on to the tow-path leading along the canal. After great difficulty she, too, was captured and taken back to the palace.

The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 24 August 1889


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