Somewhat Short of a Miracle


An extraordinary affair has occurred at Maryport. A few days ago the wife of a labourer in the town gave birth to a son. When the child was born it was found that its head was covered with a veil or caul. The veil was placed on one side, and no notice was taken of it until some hours after the child’s birth. When examined, however, it was found that the words “British and Foreign Bible Society” were deeply impressed upon the veil. When this discovery was made the greatest excitement prevailed in the neighbourhood, some of the women declaring that nothing short of a miracle had been enacted. The doctor, who enquired into the matter, however, soon explained the affair. The veil, whilst in a pliable condition, had been placed upon a Bible, on the cover of which the words “British and Foreign Bible Society” were deeply indented. The words were in this way transferred to the veil; but some of the inhabitants still ascribe the affair to supernatural influence, and declare that the child is a “missionary born,” and that they will evidently watch his career with a great amount of interest.

The North-Eastern Daily Gazette 14 September 1889


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