A Little Wrangle, As Usual


A Duel with TeacupsAt Woolwich Police-court, Joseph Cope, a chimney-sweep, living at Eltham, was charged with unlawfully wounding his wife, who appeared with her face half hidden in bandages, and said that she did not want to punish him. Being informed that she must state the circumstances of the case, she proceeded, with some hesitation, to say that on the previous evening, when her husband came home to tea, they had a little wrangle, as usual, about money matters, because he would always keep the cash and make her an insufficient daily allowance to maintain the family. He aggravated her to such an extent that she took up a teacup and threw it at him, but missed him, and thereupon he threw one at her, but that missed also. She then threw a second cup, which went over his head, but he took good aim the second time, for his cup struck her forehead, and inflicted a long, deep wound. They had had many a quarrel before, but this was the first time she had locked him up, and she begged the magistrate not to send him to prison. A police-sergeant said that when the prisoner was given into custody his wife accused him of striking her with the cup while he held it in his hand, and he did not deny it. The officer added that he had often to make peace between them, and that there were faults on both sides. Mr Balguy bound the prisoner in £5 to keep the peace for six months.

The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 18 September 1880


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