Jaws in the Thames…. Aaaagggh!



A correspondent writes to the “Daily Telegraph” to ask if any explanation other than the one suggested, can be given for an accident which has happened to his dog. He was throwing sticks into the Thames just above Chitty’s boathouse at Richmond for the dog to retrieve, when suddenly, at about 16ft. from the bank, the animal gave a yell and turned in the water as if to fight some unseen foe. He swam to the bank and it was then discovered that his leg was bleeding and one of the main arteries had been severed. The general opinion of witnesses was that the dog had been bitten by a pike or jack, and the veterinary surgeon was inclined to concur with that verdict. It was impossible that a glass bottle could have done the mischief, as the dog was in deep water. Our correspondent would like to know of any similar occurrence, or any suggestions as to how the accident could have happened otherwise than in the way conjectured.

The Yorkshire Herald, Monday 30 August 1899

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