Blind faith



A painful scene appears, by the account given of it in the Stirling Journal, to have occurred on Sunday last week in a Church near Gartmore, in that county. The minister, who is in the habit of warning his congregation on special occasions against the machinations of the Evil One, was delivering a discourse on his favourite theme, when suddenly a large window-blind and roller behind the pulpit lost its hold, falling right over the preacher, and completely concealed him for a time from his flock. In its descent the roller smashed a number of window panes, and the clatter of falling glass added panic to the already terrified condition of the enshrouded preacher. Ignorant of the cause of the sudden darkness and horrible noise, he thought that he might have exceeded the bounds of discretion in his denunciation of the devil, who had thereupon arrived hastily in person bent on retaliation. A frightful shriek of “I am gone!” echoed through the church, and the maddened preacher with one bound cleared the pulpit, nor even stopped until he reached the corner of the edifice. It may be well imagined that the suddenness of this alarming incident and its dramatic nature exercised a most powerful effect on the nerves of all who witnessed it. Fortunately there was no general panic, or the consequences might have been serious, but the story should be a lesson to those ministers who touch upon the delicate question of the personality of the devil to retain their self-possession under any circumstances, and not to leave the pulpit unless absolutely ejected by force.

The Huddersfield Daily Chronicle, Friday 13 April 1877


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