Generally behaving in a most amusing manner


An amusing case in which a donkey figured very prominently was heard at the Birmingham Police-court on Friday. Thomas Lloyd was summoned for being drunk in charge of his donkey and cart. The police-constable had no difficulty with the defendant, but the donkey, he said, gave him a lot of trouble. He put the defendant in the cart, and proceeded to drive him to the Police-station. The donkey went quietly for a time, but soon began to “strike.” He declined to go any further, and the better to carry out his plan lay full length upon the ground. Persuasion was useless, and the officer came to the conclusion that other methods must be adopted. As the donkey declined to take his master to the station, the officer had to obtain other assistance, and succeeded in accomplishing his object.

Then the donkey and cart demanded attention. They were separated, but the donkey was not going to be beaten so easily. The fun now commenced, and the donkey had a very happy time. He went through some extraordinary gymnastics, rolling over, rearing on to his hind legs, and generally behaving in a most amusing manner. This sort of thing became at length monotonous, and with the aid of of six stalwart officers and a number of workmen the donkey was literally carried to the station. The journey was not easy of accomplishment. Two officers caught hold of the animal’s front legs, two of his heels, and one his tail, while other assistants pushed at the sides. By a process of pushing, carrying, and sliding, the station was eventually reached, and the donkey ultimately lodged in the pound. The experience was very novel, and the police-constable said during 18 years’ experience he had never had such a job. Lloyd was fined 5s. and costs.

The Bury and Norwich Post, Tuesday 15 February 1898


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