About the blog

An Extraordinary Incident is a collection of news stories from Victorian publications (and a few earlier ones). It features the unusual, the amusing, the macabre, the tragic and the hair-raising. You’ll find accounts of daredevil aeronautics, dastardly crimes, encounters with wild beasts and all manner of pith-helmeted heroics. All the stories were printed in real newspapers but that, of course, is no guarantee of their veracity. They are presented verbatim for your interest and enjoyment.


About the editor

Impoverished Hack is the pseudonym of a neglected writer who subsists on the proceeds of a life of drudgery, bleeding word after word onto the cheapest of paper-stock and suffering the indignity of daily rejection by Fleet Street’s eminent newsmen. He lives on the top floor of a tenement in the City, where he drinks gin and longs for literary acclaim, despairing that he has but ten years in which to achieve anything before his inevitable death at the age of 36. He freely admits that when faced with a pressing deadline, he just makes up any damn thing.

Mr Hack once had a passionate misadventure with the niece of the owner of the Illustrated Police News, but otherwise encounters few romantic possibilities in his day-to-day life. Part of his reason for establishing this blog is the opportunity it affords to elevate himself to the status of ‘editor’ – a title he hopes will be conducive to his existential wellbeing and his chances of impressing ladies. He welcomes you to his blog here.

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