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An Apparently Terrible Wound


Many of the residents of Windsor have for the last two days been considerably mystified by a remarkable and alarming incident which had evidently occurred in the course of Wednesday night. Early on Thursday morning hundreds of bloodstained footprints were noticed on the pavements of the principal streets and upon an investigation being made it was discovered that the gory tracks extended from Thames-street, by the Great Western Station, into Peascod-street along the left side of thoroughfare to Osborn-road and thence on the right to the Spital Cavalry Barracks, where the Royal Horse Guards are quartered—a distance of over a mile the haemorrhage throughout having been very extensive. The heel and portions of the sole of a left boot, linked between the steps by numerous splashes of blood were distinctly impressed upon the pavement and asphalte and in places where the injured man had stopped for a few moments on his course were small pools of blood, that had flowed from an apparently terrible wound. All sorts of theories were afloat as to the nature of the occurance, which is now believed was caused by the sudden busting of a blood-vessel on the left leg of a person living in the vicinity of the town while on his way home from Windsor. At least, this is only solution obtainable of an affair which has caused much speculation in the Royal borough.

The Star (St Peter Port), Saturday, 7 June 1884

The typographical errors contained herein are none of my doing. ‘Occurance’ indeed! My despair increases daily.—I.H.

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