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A writer who likes the word ‘extraordinary’



Inspector New, of West Hartlepool, the local officer for the S.P.C.C., has just now an extraordinary case in hand. Having occasion to-day to visit a family at Wingate, who are alleged to have been neglected, the Inspector found in the house, lying naked on the stone floor of the kitchen, an extraordinary human being, whose hands and feet are formed exactly like those of a frog. When told to get up the youth, who is said to be about 22 years of age, but looks only about 17, he jumped about the floor in a most extraordinary manner, his movements being exactly like those of the frog. He is known in the neighbourhood by the name of “Froggy,” but he rarely goes out of doors. The inspector found him in a most deplorable condition. He whined almost like a dog, and made other strange inhuman sounds with his mouth. Although his age places him beyond the reach of the Society, Inspector News expresses his intention of having the unfortunate youth removed to some place where he can be properly taken care of.

The North-Eastern Daily Gazette (Middlesbrough), Tuesday 1 November 1892

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