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His cherished hairy monstrosities


A silly mechanic, whose upper lip was adorned with a pair of monstrous mustachios, applied to Mr. Rawlinson, at Marylebone police-office, for an assault-warrant against his shopmates, who had laid violent hands upon his cherished hairy monstrosities. He stated, that having taken to wear mustachios, “cos it vos fashionable, and made him look like a man of courage and a gentleman,” his fellow-workmen declared that he must pay half-a-gallon of ale to wet them, or must have them cut off. He refused to comply with either one alternative or the other, and they therefore stole his dinner, hustled him about, and laid sacrilegious fingers on his darling mustachios. He begged of Mr. Rawlinson to tell him what to do. “Do!” said Mr. R. “why, go to a barber, and get shaved.” “Can’t part with a hair,” said the carpenter. “Well, you may have a warrant, if you like,” said Mr. Rawlinson, “but I think you’d better not.” The carpenter then walked off without a warrant, saying “that it was the most prowoking thing as ever vos heard on, and very haggrawating, that he couldn’t vear his mustachios in peace.”

The Leicester Chronicle, Saturday 30 September 1837


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The Epitome of Cool


There is nothing like a spell of really hot weather for breaking through conventional forms of dress. On Monday night the Hon. Walter Rothschild made his appearance crowned with a hat the like of which had never before been seen at Westminster. The shape was that of the ordinary tall silk hat, but the material was light-coloured plaited straw, and, although his fellow members looked a little surprised at the innovation, envy of the coolness of the headgear was quite as strong as astonishment at the new member’s courage.— “Westminster Gazette”

Leicester Chronicle and the Leicestershire Mercury, Saturday 10 June 1899


Rothschild on a tortoise

Lord Rothschild, not wearing the astonishing hat in question but making up for this in coolness by RIDING ON A GIANT TORTOISE.


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