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The writer escaped this time


A writer having attacked vehemently, in a New York journal, a place of dubious reputation in the town, he received in reply to his remarks an anonymous letter advising him to desist from those proceedings, but took no notice of the warning except to continue his literary crusade. A day or two afterwards, as he was sitting in the office of the newspaper, enter to him a ferocious-looking individual armed with a club, and demanding “Where is the editor?”

With considerable presence of mind the receiver of the visit concluded what was the object of his visitor, and asked him to sit down and read the papers while he went in search of the editor. Once out of the room he made for the street door; but here encountered another rough looking stranger also armed with a bludgeon, and demanding in still more furious tones “Where is the editor?” Here the native wit of the New Yorker had a real opportunity for showing itself, and he directed the second intruder to the room he had himself just left, telling him he would find the editor there reading the papers. The result was a tremendous conflict between the two visitors, each of whom was convinced he had to do with an unusually muscular and determined man of letters.

While the struggle was proceeding the intended victim of the agression was quietly bringing the police upon the scene, who, when they arrived, found the combatants quite sufficiently exhausted by their efforts to be easily captured and led off to prison. The incident exemplified once more the superiority of mind over matter and of wit over brute force. But though the writer escaped this time, the affair shows that writing for the Press has its perils in New York.

The Royal Cornwall Gazette Falmouth Packet, Cornish Weekly News, & General Advertiser Friday 2 August 1878

Note: ‘agression’ is shown as in the original


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An Escaped Baboon

The unique collection of monkeys recently exhibited at the Alexandra Palace was transferred to the People’s Palace, Mile-end, where a singular scene has just been witnessed. Not liking the continued confinement, three baboons broke out of their cage. After a chase of a considerable distance, two of the monkeys were captured; the third, a female baboon, of ferocious appearance, escaped into the grounds of the Jewish cemetery that lies immediately adjacent to the workhouse. Over the wall the pursuers clambered too in hot haste, and ran after the fleeing baboon as she sped, terrified, across the flat tombstones. At the other end of the cemetery she cleared another wall, and running along the backs of the houses, got on to the tow-path leading along the canal. After great difficulty she, too, was captured and taken back to the palace.

The Illustrated Police News, Saturday 24 August 1889

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